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Enviroconsult’s Technical Staff

Enviroconsult (EC) has a very strong capable technical staff covering the different specialization required for water, wastewater and environmental projects. EC-Staff is covering all fields required such as project planning, feasibility studies, master planning, site investigation, design, scheduling, tender documents preparation, procurement of bids , bid evaluation, construction supervision and construction management . The technical experience of EC-staff is supported by the academic and professional background and certifications. The main key EC-Staff have a very strong academic background as university professors as well as professional certifications as certified/ chartered professional consultants. The range of experience of the EC-Staff ranged between 40 to 10 years od experience for the management, senior and junior staff within EnviroConsult.

The EC-Staff is professionally covering the following fields

Design of all water and wastewater systems including networks, pumping stations, treatment plants.

Design of Mechanical and Electrical works

Environmental studies including EIAs, ESIAs, EMPs,…etc.

Design of architectural works

Providing the site works (Surveying works, geotechnical studies, soil investigation studies…etc)

Hydraulic analysis and modeling systems

Design of roads and highways

GIS for infrastructure projects

Design of measuring and instrumentation systems

Construction Supervision and construction management

Project Management

Technical Assistance