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At Enviroconsult, you’ll be using your professional expertise and experience to develop solutions for our clients, our partners and your colleagues. The National/ international development cooperation projects we undertake are multifaceted and diverse.
Our recent graduates and experienced juniors get the chance to increase their technical knowledge, gain more experience and develop their people skills as valued members of the team on each assignment.Our senior experts play a number of important roles: they specialize in technical consultancy, they manage our teams and they focus on business development in key sectors and territories.We are also continuously on the lookout for the best freelance experts to join our teams and projects abroad — providing high quality services to our clients and meeting exciting new challenges.We’re looking for employees who want to improve their professional and practical skills and are ready to learn new abilities across the board — including Civil Engineers, water Engineers, Wastewater Engineers, Environmental Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Structural Engineers, Architectural Engineers as well as accounting, project management, procurement specialists, finance, human resources, IT, tender management and quality management. We are continuously developing and improving our services to meet the challenges ahead.

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